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Cardfight!! Vanguard Constructed Decks

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D-CBT: Climax Booster Dragon Fighters

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Future Card Buddyfight Constructed Decks


Promo / Exclusives

S-BT01: Gargantua Awakened

S-BT01A: Buddy Lineage

S-BT02: Dimension Destroyer

S-BT02A: Blazing Overclash

S-BT03: True Awakening of Deities

S-BT04: Drago Knight

S-BT04: Drago Knight pre order

S-BT05: War of Dragods

S-BT05: War of Dragods (Pre-Order)

S-BT06: Soaring Superior Deity Dragon

S-BT06: Soaring Superior Deity Dragon (Pre-order)

S-BT07: Perfected Time Ruler

S-BT07: Perfected Time Ruler pre order

S-CBT01: Golden Garga

S-CBT01: Golden Garga pre order

S-CBT02: Violence Vanity

S-CBT02: Violence Vanity pre order

S-CBT03 Ultimate Unite

S-CBT03: Ultimate Unite (preorder)

S-RC01: Future Card Buddyfight Ace Re: Collection

S-UB-C01: Detective Conan

S-UB-C02: BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!☆PICO


S-UB01: Superhero Wars Ω -Advent of Cosmoman!-

S-UB02: Miracle Fighters ~Miko & Mel~

S-UB05: Buddy Again Vol. 2 Super Buddy Wars EX

S-UB05: Buddy Again Vol. 2 Super Buddy Wars EX (Preorder)

X Duel Chest (XSS-04)

X-BT01 Dark Lord's Rebirth Singles

X-BT01A Crossing Generations

X-BT02 Chaos Control Crisis

X-BT02A Evolution & Mutation

X-BT04A New World CHAOS

X-CBT Driven to Disorder Climax Booster

X2-BT01: Buddy Legends

X2-BT01A: Solar Strife

XBT-03 Overturn! Thunder Empire!

XBT-03A LVL Up! Heroes and Adventurers!

XBT-04 Rainbow Striker

XBT01 Dark Lord's Rebirth