Future Card Buddyfight Constructed Deck: (Dragon World) Armor Deity, "Energeia"

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A short review by one of admins! 

All Constructed Decks comes with the following:

-  A fully constructed 52 card competitive ready deck.

-  A Deck box to store your deck.

- 52 pieces of clear card sleeves to protect your cards during play.


Deck List: (52)

1 x Dragon World - Gao Mikado & Drum (PR Foil)

1 x Armordeity, Energeia (RRR)


Monsters (19) 

4 x Armordeity, Energeia (RRR)

4 x Modernized Dragon Deity, Dynamis (RRR)

1 x CHAOS Nine-Headed Dragon Sword (U)

4 x Dragon Knight Pisaro (RRR)

4 x Style of Impact, Bal Dragon (Secret Non Foil)

2 x Mera Blade Dragon "SD" (RR)


Spells (22)

4 x Heavenz Sunshine (RR)

4 x Dragosucceed (RRR) 

3 x Batzz X Link (RRR)

4 x Dragobond (C)

4 x Dragodefense (R)

3 x Double Loss (R)


Items (6)

4 x Thunder Knights Banner (R) 

1 x Dragon Force, "Style of Impact" (Secret)

1 x Dragon Twin Sword, Bal Saber (R)


Impacts (3)

3 x Thunder Lance X Tempest Buster! (R)

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