Future Card Buddyfight Constructed Deck: (Dragon World) Thunder Knights

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Dive right into the game with the swift and powerful Dragons of "Thunder Knights"! This constructed deck is easy to master and perfect for anyone who loves the "Gao Formation" play-style. Fight along side the brave and loyal "Thunder Knights" who are willing to protect its master with the "Move" keyword, meanwhile protecting them with powerful spells that will repel any attack!  

All Constructed Decks comes with the following:

-  A fully constructed 52 card competitive ready deck.

-  A Deck box to store your deck.

- 52 pieces of clear card sleeves to protect your cards during play.

Deck List: (52)

1 x Dragon World Flag

1 x Thunder Knights, Dragoarcher (Buddy)

Monsters (22) 

4 x Veteran Thunder Knights Leader, Kommandeur Fahne (RRR)

4 x Thunder Knights Vice Captain, Goldion Halberd (RR)

4 x Thunder Knights, Broadsword "Withshield" (C)

4 x Thunder Knights, Katzbalger Drake (C)

4 x Thunder Knights, Dragoarcher (C)

2 x Tiny Flame Dragon, Linear (R)

Spells (16)

4 x Blue Dragon Shield (R)

4 x Green Dragon Shield (R)

4 x Dragobond (C)

4 x Dragoenergy (C)

Weapons (8)

4 x Thunder Knights Banner (R)

4 x Dual Spark (U)

Impacts (4)

4 x  Thunder Lance X Tempest Buster (R)

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