Future Card Buddyfight Constructed Deck: (Hero World) "Gaigrander"

  • $120.00

Transform in to a Superhero!! And save Hero world against the never ending evilness of the Villains and their treachery! The Gaigrander allows you to transform into so many heroes costumes its just too much fun. Gaining advantage and rushing your opponents while transforming into different Gaigranders is the win condition of this deck. Now go. Go protect The world of Buddyfight!!

All Constructed Decks comes with the following:

-  A fully constructed 52 card competitive ready deck.

-  A Deck box to store your deck.

- 52 pieces of clear card sleeves to protect your cards during play.

Deck List: (52)

1 x Hero World Flag

1 x Gaigrander 03 (Buddy)

Monsters (28) 

4 x Gaigrander 02 (RR)

4 x Gaigrander 01 (RR)

4 x Gaigrander, "Finish Form" (U)

4 x Gaigrander 03 (U)

4 x Rescue Dragon, Projet Gunner (R)

4 x Rescue Dragon, Mach Braver (RR)

4 x Blitz Envoy, Shinybell (C)

Spells (18)

4 x Hyper Energy (R)

4 x I've Seen Through Your Moves (C)

4 x Defeat Them, in My Place... (C)

3 x It's About Time I Got Serious! (SD)

3 x Call, Super Machine! (R)

Impacts (4)

4 x Masked Vantage, "Lavish Body, Gorgeous Mask!" (RRR)

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