Future Card Buddyfight Constructed Deck: (Star Dragon World) Prism Dragons, "Dark Athora"

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The "No Damage Fighter" is back! But this time your enemies are in for a world of pain! The corrupted Crystal Dragon's new ability discards a card from your opponent's hand, and inflicts damage whenever its attacked. Paired up with defensive spells, the Evil Crystal Monarch will bring any that opposes it to their knees!

This Constructed Decks comes with the following:

-  A fully constructed 52 card competitive ready deck.

-  A Deck box to store your deck.

- 52 pieces of clear card sleeves to protect your cards during play.


1 x Star Dragon World Flag (PR)

1 x Quintessence Crystal Dragon, Athora (Buddy Rare)


Monsters (20) 

4 x Quintessence Crystal Dragon, Athora (Secret)

4 x Dark Black Crystal Dragon, Athora (RRR)

4 x Green Crystal Dragon Sheldre (RRR)

2 x Athora "SD" (RRR)

2 x Red Crystal Dragon, Merurol (RRR)

4 x White Crystal Dragon, Rizzling (Secret)


Spells (23)

4 x Enhancement (RR)

3 x Star Jack Boost (R)

4 x Radian Shell (Secret)

4 x Brush Upper (R)

4 x Crystallization Phenomenon (RRR)

4 x Mystery Setting (U) 


Weapons (4)

4 x Crystal Spikes (Secret)


Impacts (3) 

3 x Cristiano Crystal Shoot! (Secret) 

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