Future Card Buddyfight Constructed Deck: (Star Dragon World) "Suzaku Kenran" Variable Cord

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This Constructed Decks comes with the following:

-  A fully constructed 52 card competitive ready deck.

-  A Deck box to store your deck.

- 52 pieces of clear card sleeves to protect your cards during play.


Deck Total (52)

1 x "Tasuku" Star Dragon World Flag (Foil PR)

1 x "Suzaku Kenran" Variable Cord (RRR)


Monsters (23) 

4 x "Suzaku Kenran" Variable Cord (RRR)

4 x Black Crystal Dragon, Lucian Black (R)

2 x Great Dragonarms, The Main Force (R)

4 x Lost Dragonarms, Giant Fragment (C)

4 x Meteorarms, Pisca Pisca (R)

4 x Eliminator, Torus (R)

1 x Dragonarms, Garbel Anchor (C)


Spells (17)

4 x Emblem of Omni Lords (C)

4 x Crystallization Phenomenon (RRR)

4 x Star Alternative (C)

4 x Mind Faker (R)

1 x Planet Memory


Weapons (6)

4 x Legblade, Avenge (C)

2 x Legblade, Rejector (RR)


Impacts (4) 

4 x EX Dimenzion, "Terminate Infinity"! (R) 

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