Future Card Buddyfight Constructed Deck: (Thunder Emperor's Fangs) Thunder Empire Corps Leader "BarlBatzz"

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Once a tyrannical destroyer of Dragon world, "Demon Lord Dragon, Batzz" has obtained the power of OVERTURN with the help of Gao and friends. In order to fight a greater evil known as "The Chaos Mechanical Deity GearGod", monsters of different worlds have put aside their differences to join forces under a single banner, The Thunder Emperor's Fangs!

Withness true power with Barlbatzz's incredible Overturn ability. Allowing the Thunder Emperor to gain critical for each different world in the drop zone, easily becoming a 7 critical beast with "Triple attack"! 

No wall is too tall with "Overturn Ice Emperor, Misera". Misera's Overturn give you the ability to reset the field, gauge and hand! Getting rid of all monster on your opponent's field and all his advantage!

Gain an advantage in battle using the "Thunder Emperor's Fang" Multi-world engine, giving you the best effects of all worlds!! 

"Everyone! Please join me and fight under the Thunder Emperor's Fangs banner!!"           

- Barlbatzz


This Constructed Decks comes with the following:

-  A fully constructed 52 card competitive ready deck

-  A Deck box to store your deck.

- 52 pieces of card sleeves to protect your cards during play.


Deck List: (52)

1x Thunder Emperor's Fang Flag - Gao (Duel Chest)

1x Connect Ninja, Tomonoshin (R)


Monsters (23) 

1x Overturn Ice Emperor, Miseria (Secret)

4x Thunder Empire Corps Leader, Barlbatzz (Secret)

2x Seeker of Knight's Way, El Quixote (RRR)

2x Black Arc Dragon, Riverpain (RRR)

4x Connect Ninja, Tomonoshin (R)

4x Violent Thunder, Armorknight Eagle (U)

2x Vagrant Dragon, Semimaru (C)

2x Thunder Warrior, Ocker Glaser (TD)

2x An Unexpected Helper, Takosuke (Duel Chest)



Spells (20)

4x Blacksand Castle (U)

4x Demon Slay Battle Aura "Bind" (C)

4x Steel Dragon Fangs (Secret)

4x Offerings to the Thunder Emperor (C)

2x Batzz X Link (RRR)

2x World Linking Key the First, Drago-Uno (RRR)


Item (5)

2x Descending Lightning Deity, Tsuchi-Ikazuchi (TD)

2x Dragon Fangs Fist, Batzz Fang (R)

1x Thunder Emperor's Symbol (R)


Impact (2)

2x Turbulent Thunder Sword, Rupture X Tempest Slash! (Duel Chest)


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