S-SS01A: Deity Gargantua Dragon "Re:B"

S-SS01A: Deity Gargantua Dragon "Re:B"

  • $8.00

■ You may use this card with all flags, and if it is your buddy, you may use «Dragod» monsters from all worlds.

■ [Call Cost][Pay 2 gauge & Put the top card of your deck into its soul]

■ [Counter][Act] During your turn, call this card from a soul of a «Dragod» by paying its [Call Cost].

■ [Counter][Act] D-[G.EVO] During each player's attack phase, call up to one monster with both «Dragod» and «Deity Dragon Tribe» from your hand or drop zone on top of this card without paying its [Call Cost]. You may only use "D-[G.EVO]" once per turn. D-[G.EVO] is also treated as [G.EVO]) [Move] [Double Attack] [Soulguard] [Counterattack]

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